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1.14.1 by SayGames Ltd

May 26 2024

About Perfect Lands

Land Builder is a puzzle game that lets you dream, a relaxing game that lets you expand your horizons, an adventure game that lets you build the world you want to see.


A simulator game where you build a whole world piece-by-piece 🪵, Land Builder is designed around a simple principle – just place the hexagonal pieces next to any other piece on the board and expand your world the way you want to – but offers hours and hours of construction simulator fun and relaxing entertainment.

🔵 Place the next piece on the board and rotate it to match the pieces next to it in the way you want, defining the coastlines and urban boundaries on your map.

🔵 Each piece you place earns you stars, and as the number of stars increases, you unlock new world-building features such as factories, farms, oil rigs, monuments, leisure facilities and other infrastructure that add further variety to your ever-growing world.

🔵 You also earn improvements to different elements of the visual aspects of Land Builder, making the details of towns, countryside and the sea richer, clearer and even more attractive.


The horizon is endless in Land Builder, and the simple simulator system is designed specifically to make this puzzle adventure relaxing rather than frustrating.

🌤️ Soothing music, gentle sound effects and attractive graphics all contribute to the game’s anti-stress properties, making playing the game more like a satisfying and absorbing meditation than a challenging and enervating puzzle.

🌤️There are no wrong answers or false moves in the game, and you can always undo your last move.

🌤️Whenever you have a few minutes free and just want to relax, you can dive into your own little world and enjoy the serenity and creative satisfaction of Land Builder.


Land Builder opens up a whole world of possibility that can fire your imagination and boost your creative impulses.

✔️Combine elements of countryside, town and sea in any way that you want, building a world of little villages, a series of picturesque islands or a bustling seaside city – it’s entirely up to you how the landscape develops.

✔️As you advance through the game and build out the world of your dreams, you also earn bonuses that increase your opportunities to alter and adapt the lands you have already constructed, allowing you to redesign the world you’re building or just smooth out any imperfections.

✔️Zoom out to see the whole expanse of the world you’ve constructed or zoom in to see the beauty of each little piece up close.

Looking for a casual puzzle game that’s engaging, relaxing and creative? Download and play Land Builder now and get ready to expand your horizons.

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